Solar E-Books

Green Power Easy is the Easiest guide to Solar and Wind Energy
Convert your home to green power and eliminate most of your bills!

Learn how to reduce energy consumption all over the house including:
lighting, appliances, heating and cooling and water heating.

Start with solar panels and wind turbines and learn how to design an
entire system to produce store your own green power energy.

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Instead of trying to generate power from the scattered sun rays
like the basic solar panel does. The Solar Stirling Plant uses a
parabolic reflector dishes to gather all of the sun rays!!
It generates 12 times the energy than regular solar panels, and
create enough energy to significantly reduce your power bills.
This device is cheaper and vastly superior to regular solar panels
for generating your own Free Energy and becoming Independent.

The best part about it, it is much cheaper to build than regular solar
panels, and it is easy to build, meaning you don't have to have any
technical skills prior to building it and materials can be easy purchased.

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Knowledge is POWER..the whole process of getting yourself
“off the grid” is contained in this downloadable ebook.
Armed with this information and a few basic tools, you can get the same technology that costs thousands of dollars.

Learn how to take a common 1.5 KW AC motor and turn it into a generator…turn regular PVC pipes into professional quality windmill blades that can generate 600 Watts of power.

Learn about the basics of Solar power and get up to speed on solar technology. Become an “informed expert” within a few hours. Living Green isn't easy but there are simple things that we can do right now to help reduce our carbon footprint.

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