Solar Security

Solar Motion Security Light.

This solar powered LED light turns on when the motion sensor detects movement within its field of vision and stays on for upto 90 seconds. Mounts anywhere as a security device on the roof of your home and is an ideal addition to the solar gutter lights.

(A) Pre-assembled for an easy and convenient installation.
(B) There is no need to plug into an electrical outlet.
(C) Affordable solution for home and drive way security
(D) Charges during the day, activates by motion at night!

Part # EEP-MSL-30 Your Price $39.00

Solar gutter lights are smart innovation for Green energy savings. They are effective because they require no wiring or electricity. These unique solar powered lights are designed to be attached to the rain gutters around your home. They charge their battery in the sunlight during the day and then radiate light during the night. They can be attached to trees, poles, fences and walls. A single gutter light can provide an adequate amount of light from its 8-10 ft installation point, but for a more intense lighting level multiple gutter lights are suggested.

The solar gutter lights operate with two Rechargeable batteries, which can last a complete night on a full day of sunshine charging. Use gutter lights at your home for automatic night time lighting. Place multiple gutter lights at each corner of your home to cover the blind spots, deter intruders and gain additional security peace of mind.

The outdoor solar powered LED gutter lights are energy saving with three extra bright 10 mm LEDs and comes with two AA rechargable batteries for extra long 20+ hour run time on a 4-6 hour charge. The Gutter Light is a dusk to dawn device that recharges its battery power daily and providing automatic lighting

2 ea Solar Powered White Gutter Lights. Your Price $49.00

4 ea Solar Powered White Gutter Lights. Your Price $90.00