Solar Glow Jars

Solar Powered Glow Jars

The Solar Glow Jar looks like a storage jar but has a solar cell underneath the lid to capture and store sunlight during the day.
It turns on at night and glows its color for up to 6 hours.

The frosted glass hides the solar equipment inside and allows the jar to radiate a soft candle like glow. There is a manual override switch inside the lid to turn off the light to conserve battery life. Glow Jars need DIRECT sunlight to charge the battery.

Provides up to 6 hours of light per charge, portable, safe and eye catching. The Solar Glow Jar is perfect for a sunny window sill, as a night light in the bedroom or use outdoor to beautify a patio area. With multiple jars you could create your own Solar Oasis.

Bring a warm glow, a comfortable feeling and joy to your home.

Glow Jar "Yellow" color Light: Your Price $39.95

Glow Jar "Blue" color Light: Your Price $39.95