Solar Lid Light

Solar Powered Lid Lights

Solar lid lights are in high demand and the most sought after solar product this year. They are just plain "Sun fun" and can be used by people of all age ranges to make exciting solar creations.

Simply screw the solar powered light lids on to any standard ball or mason jar opening, charge them outside in sunlight and now you have a portable light for your home or garden.

A water-resistant solar cell, rechargeable battery, and bright LED light are conveniently tucked inside a standard size mason jar lid.

Great for patio lighting, walkway lighting, garden accents etc.
Use as an adorable night light for any childs or adults room.

Uses are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Beautiful Solar Light Creations

The solar light illuminates objects that you place inside the jar.
A favorite photo of family or pets simply comes Alive inside.

Silk flowers for a center piece table setting at home.
Create a romantic mood with a "candle like" environment.

Outdoor patio tables can be transformed with a collection of
solar lid light jars and surrounded by theme collectibles.

The perfect solution to brighten up an evening event.
Solar Lid lights are Affordable, Beautiful and Green.
You can expect 9-12 hours of light just on one charge.

Unique idea for restaurant owners for indoor and outdoor
dining with high attention getting patron appeal.

How to use a Solar Lid Light and a Gel Candle

Gel candles are beautful, ornate, collectable and expensive.
Until you are ready to light them just place a charged up solar lid on top and see the entire contents of the candle jar light up. Many have exotic flowers or sea shells embeded into the gel and the solar light enhances their beauty without the expense.

Tip: Place a solar lid capped gel candle in a bright sunny window and enjoy the automatic nightly effects of its illumination.
Solar powered lid lights are offered in colors Silver and Brown
They are sold in Packs of 4 to create a fun lighting experience.

4 ea Solar Lids in color Silver. Your Price $69.00

4 ea Solar Lids in color Brown. Your Price $69.00