Solar Chargers

Universal Solar Charger

This unit charges almost any device that has a battery,
including cell phones, cameras, GPS systems etc.
Phones such as iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola
& Blackberry can be charged with the adaptor plugs.

Devices with a removable battery can be charged with
a built-in universal charger. The unit also includes an
1,500 mAh lithium battery that may be used to charge,
devices when there is no sun presesent. The Integrated
LCD display shows the battery and operational status.

Part # EEP-SUC-1.5A Your Price $39.95

Mobile Cell Phone Charger

Charge cell phones and most other mobile devices on the go
with this Solar Mobile Charger. It has an internal battery to
charge your phone when there is no sun present.

The battery automatically recharges in the sun or through
a USB cord. Includes charger adaptors for most phones
including iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola & Blackberry.

Part # EEP-SMC-2A Your price $29.95

Solar battery charger case with built-in Speaker.

Charge your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player for free with solar power. Comes with 10 unique adapter tips and a USB charging cable. The compact and strong protective black case allows this battery charger to shield and protect your portable electronic devices while charging them. The solar panels on the outside are durable and resistant against drops, shocks and water, making it ideal for hiking, camping, boating and taking to the beach.

While this portable solar battery charger case is large enough to contain most devices, it is also small enough to place inside a briefcase and is convenient and portable enough to carry. A powerful built-in speaker provides sound to any device with a 3.5mm jack. Store your MP3 player or cell phone inside the solar case, listen to music and charge at the same time.

Part # CVBS-S22 Your Price $34.95